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Gambia Martial Arts Academy in International Training Camp

Aug 7, 2009, 6:59 AM

A team of eleven Vovinam Viet VO Dao practitioners yesterday left Banjul to attend an international summer training camp in St. Louise, Senegal.

This is in response to an invitation received during the official launch of the Academy last May 2009, from the Senegalese Chairman of Examination and Grading for Vovinam Viet VO Dao (Master Khally Faal), the pioneer of Viet VO Dao in St. Louise. The camp is slated for 7th-9th August 2009.

The aims and objectives of this summer camp are to bring together over 200 practitioners for three intensive training days, help them master their Quyen (forms), certify black belts and belt promotions, map out ways for the expansion of the Viet VO Dao in Africa, and to meet and discuss with Masters from Senegal and the sub region about pertinent issues affecting Vovinam principles and philosophy, both in Africa and the outside world.

The team will be received by their Chief Instructor Master Mamud Njie, who is present in St. Louise preparing for his first International Black Belt Examination and certification.

According to the Coordinator of the Academy, Yerrow Njie , this is the first time the academy is attending such a very important training camp. He advised the members to make the best use of the programme and to share the knowledge gained from it with their co-members that were not lucky to be part of the selection. He thanked his Parents for entrusting their children with the Academy and promised that they will live up to expectations to give the young ones all the support they needed to be among the best in the Gambia.

"The entertainment, education and empowerment of the young ones are our main concern", said Yorro Njie, the Co-coordinator of Gambia Martial Arts Academy.
The President of the Academy, Mr. Yahya Al-Mahtarr Jobe bid farewell to the team and advised them to make the best use of the trip, as according to him, they are among the luckiest to be chosen. He promised that the young ones shall be given all the necessary exposure they needed, as they are the future leaders of the Gambia.

He advised them to keep the good name of the Gambia wherever they are.
The team shall be headed by Bye Mass Njie, a 1st Cap Blue belt holder. According to our reporter, the team is expected back on 10th August 2009.