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Gambia HELP Project donates to school, hospital

May 19, 2011, 5:18 PM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

Gambia Health Education Liaison Project (Gambia Help) under the project coordinator Essa Camara, recently distributed crutches, wheelchairs, spare parts for wheelchairs, bed with mattresses, handicap equipment, boxes of hospital materials, bicycles, chairs and tables  to Bansang Hospital.

In the same vein, Bansang School of Nursing benefited from Gambia HELP as it received 17 boxes of medical materials.

Gambia HELP also donated a bicycle to Sololo Lower Basic School, while Essau village also received from the donors fabrics, educational materials, primary school books and middle school books.

Some students in various schools, among them, Jenoi Basic Cycle, Dankunku Basic Cycle and Sitahuma Basic Cycle, were sponsored by Gambia HELP.

Gambia HELP empowers women and children by providing educational materials, funding and health/medical supplies to fight poverty in the rural areas of The Gambia, said Shelby C. Tarutis, founder and director of the organization.

“Gambia HELP is a non-denominational, all-volunteer humanitarian organisation,” she said, adding that the group is based in Seattle of Washington, USA, and has donors from all over the world.

Incorporated in 1998, Gambia HELP is an outgrowth of Shelby’s experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1980. Based in Dankunku, she was posted as a health educator and nutritionist.

Since her postings, she has attended graduate schools and has masters in Public Health specializing in health delivery systems. Each year she travels to The Gambia to distribute medical and health resources, as well as school materials. To date, Gambia HELP has sent 12 containers to The Gambia.