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Cricket Association Seeks Assistance

Jan 21, 2009, 6:02 AM | Article By: Sainabou Kujabi

Finance is an important component in the development and success of any sport, not only in The Gambia but the world at large. Sporting disciplines in the country strongly complain of a lack of sponsorship in the implementation of their activities resulting in their dormancy.

In order to sustain the continuous operation of cricket activities in the country, The Gambia Cricket Association, one of the most active organisations in the country, is seeking assistance from government and stakeholders in sports development to help sponsor the U-13 and U-19 cricket teams that are set to make international appearances for the country this year.

The U-19 Cricket team will be taking part in the International Cricket Council qualifying rounds for the U-19 World Cup in Mozambique in February featuring Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda and Swaziland. While the U-13 cricket team is expected to take part in the Ghana tournament soon.

The President of The Gambia Cricket Association, Johnny Gomez said, "we are seriously looking for funds to ensure the participation of our teams in these two continental tournaments.  And to help fund our upcoming regional developmental programme featuring Western Region and the North Bank Region"

He said this programme would help decentralize cricket to all regions of the country.

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