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Two UK Based Philanthropists Assist Police

Sep 9, 2008, 6:27 AM | Article By: By Bakary Samateh

As part of their contribution towards the development of The Gambia Police Force, Lamin Saidy, a Gambian, and Radelf Bernard, a Jamaican, last Thursday presented 200 handcuffs and four touch lights to The Gambia Police Force.

The presentation was government officials including the Secretary of State for Interior, Mr. Ousman Sonko, the police advisers FRI Jammeh , The DIG Modou Gaye, the police spoke person ASP Sulayman Secka, National Assembly member Hon. Colly and Jatta  Baldeh,  commissioner of administration.

Speaking at the presentation, the Inspector General of Police, Essan Badgie, said that the donors are true patriotic citizens of The Gambia most especially Lamin Saidy who made the thing possible. IGP Badgie pointed out how many Gambians are in the  Diaspora and they have succeeded in what they are doing, "but they don't render help like these two people".

He affirmed that handcuffs are very important in policing Job because they allow you to control your defaults or to help you to transporting prisoners from one location to another. Turning to the issue of the touch light, IGP Badgie noted that the touch lights would be very helpful to their traffic officers who are on the highways to save the lives of others.

Speaking earlier, the police adviser, Famara R.I. Jammeh said Gambians living an aboard need to emulate this two people. He said to be the good Gambians, it doesn't matter whether you are living in the country or outside the country. He added that what matters is commitment along with dedication and love for your country. He therefore thanked the donors for their timely gesture promising them that the donating items would put into to good uses.