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G. Bissau seeks Jammeh’s support for peace

Jun 15, 2012, 1:55 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

President Yahya Jammeh yesterday received Guinea Bissau’s foreign affairs minister, who was in Banjul to among others seek Jammeh’s support to bring about peace in Guinea Bissau.

Faustino Fudut Imbali was in Banjul as a special envoy of Guinea Bissau’s interim President Sheriffo Nhamadjo to the Gambian leader.

Speaking to journalists shortly after a closed-door meeting with President Jammeh, Bissau’s foreign affairs minister said the message from his interim president was three-fold.

“First, is that interim president  Nhamadjo would like to visit The Gambia; secondly, he is requesting the support of President Jammeh to help the people of Bissau to come together and dialogue; and, thirdly, requesting President Jammeh’s support to solve certain issues which are more urgent in Bissau,” he said.

Faustino told journalists that Bissau has received unconditional support from President Jammeh, who has always considered the relationship between Banjul and Bissau as blood relations, and not political.

“These are very strong relationships, and President Jammeh has assured us that he will do all that he could to help develop Guinea Bissau,” he said.

“The political will is there, and that is why interim president Nhamadjo wants to visit Banjul as a sign of readiness to cooperate with The Gambia,” he added.