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Funds for Dakar Education Trip, as Face of IBC held

Apr 1, 2011, 4:27 PM

Karmic Angels, an international charitable organization working in The Gambia and the UK, in partnership with the International Business College (IBC), recently held a fashion and talent show to raise funds for their Dakar Education Trip.

The show coincided with the 1st edition of the Face of International Business College at a well attended function held at the Dunes Hotel behind Palma Rima Hotel in Kololi.

The talent and fashion show was characterised by display of rich cultural heritage by students of IBC, and after a spectacular display of talents, wits and panache by contesters, Cecilia Jatta was confirmed winner of the Face of IBC by a panel of judges.

Many local artistes, including the famous Badibunka, were on stage to entertain the ecstatic students and youths from various institutes and backgrounds. The famous Badibunka was especially moved to entertain and thrill the guests to satisfaction. Many fresh talents were also discovered during the show.

The Face of IBC, according organizers, is aimed at giving IBC female counterparts the opportunity to showcase their talents. It also aimed at encouraging them to be proud of their African attires. 

The organizers said that another objective of the show was to encourage female students to be articulated and nurture their academic competence and eloquence in public speaking, which will add value to their academic career.

According to Alan and Stephanie Turner, chairperson and founder of Karmic Angels, the money raised during the show will be used to sponsor students during their proposed Dakar Education Trip.

Binta Marong, representative of the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Fatou Mass Jobe, who was the Guest of Honour, was also impressed about the performance of the contesters.

The sponsor of the show and Face of IBC were Vicky Salon, Ngum Tailoring, Ali Cosmetic Boutique, Ida's Ideas Salon and Tailoring, and Sirra's Design Fashion Shop.

In his brief statement at the show, Paul Koroma, President of IBC Student's Union, said the union is a non-profitable body, adding that their mission is to promote the welfare of IBC students by creating a vibrant and responsible union.

Paul believes that the western way of dressing has almost overtaken our African mode of dressing. "Organizing this show will surely reinforce and bring back into the limelight the African way or mode of dressing," he said. "The show is meant to showcase talents and to enrich cultural diversity. The seven adorable beautiful ladies that contested are all students of IBC."

Karmic Angels founders since their arrival in the country have been busy distributing educational and sporting materials for socials instructions, all geared towards complementing the government in its development aspirations and "particularly Vision 2010 and the country's development blueprint".

Karmic Angels has now forged a strong partnership with the IBC in different academic endeavours including sponsorship.

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