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Freed journalists speak to The Point

Nov 12, 2014, 9:57 AM

“We have gone through the process and justice was done in our favour,” said Musa Sheriff, publisher of The Voice newspaper, in a telephone interview with this reporter yesterday.

According to him, the trial affected the newspaper’s production, which he attributed to the need for greater concentration on his trial.

Despite all that, he said, the young reporters, colleagues and staff were very supportive and they did their best to ensure production of the paper continued.

He commended his colleagues in the media, his family and loved ones for being there for him during his period of trial.

Commenting on his acquittal on his Facebook page, one of the freed journalists, Sainey MK Marenah, said he was relieved to have emerged victorious, after undergoing trial for nearly 10 months on charges of conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor and publication of false news with intent to cause fear or alarm to the public.

Journalist Marenah and editor Musa Sheriff were set free on Monday 10 November by Magistrate JN Hakim of Banjul Magistrates’ Court, following a ruling on the no-case submission filed by defence counsel LS Camara.

The magistrate said the prosecution had failed to establish a case against the pen pushers.

“I must thank my friends, relatives and colleagues in the media for standing by my side during this crucial moment,” Marenah said.