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Family assault case progresses

Jan 3, 2011, 2:24 PM | Article By: Isatou SEnghore

The family assault case involving Isatou Jah, Adama Dubois and Sam Dubois continued recently at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Tabally.

Testifying, the second accused, Adama Dubios, told the court that she knows the complainant, Binta Sanyang, and could recall what happened on 21st September 2010.

She told the court that, on that day, she went to the tap to fetch water for her mother, Bintou Jah, were she found PW1, Binta Sanyang, and PW2, Fatou Sarg, adding that she greeted them, and PW1 responded, but PW2 did not respond.

The second accused added that PW2 then told her that, “when you are throwing the cabbages, throw them in the dustbin”.

She said she told PW2 that she did not sweep on that day, and did not throw the cabbages on the ground.

It was then, DW2 further said, that PW1 intervened and told PW2 that, “You are speaking to this people; they are donkeys or pig. They never take a word from anyone.”

She added that PW1 was using abusive words on her, and that she told PW1 to stop, since she has respect for her as her father’s younger brother’s wife.

Adama further told the court that PW1 again insulted her, and later slapped her until her ear vibrated, adding that she also retaliated.

She said PW1 later gripped her, and it was then the 1st accused came and got hold of her, and someone also got hold of PW1.

“PW1 beat me with a wooden stool she was sitting on, on my waist, and since then I have pain on my back,” DW2 continued.

“We were later taken to Bakau Police Station, where I fell down because of the pain, and I was taken to Bakau Health Centre where I was given three injections, and later referred to the RVTH for x-ray and a medical prescription was given to me,” she stated.

The case at that point was adjourned to 12th January 2010.