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Fostering Accountability

May 24, 2013, 12:24 PM

Civil servants and all other people working in the country are bound by law to be accountable in one way or the other, either to the people of The Gambia, the government or institutions they working for.

In fact, all individuals are to be accountable likewise the institutions they are serving.

Accountability is essential in all undertakings and, in fact, all of us should be accountable for our actions whether good or bad.

In The Gambia, some people could be said to be enjoying the basic necessities in life, but many others are not.

In this regard, for instance, the need for accountability on the side of those in authority comes to play.

The word accountability, therefore, reminds us all of the need to be answerable for our actions, and to the people we lead.

In short, it is all about responsible use of power.

People in authority must be open, and allow others to say what they feel about them and their actions, and to blame them if they are not delivering.

It also remind us of the need for people to have a voice on issues affecting them, and be able to hold those entrusted with power to account if they are failing them.

At workplaces, for example, fostering accountability requires all the staff from management to the last person to play their roles, and work effectively and efficiently.