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Former Magistrate Mboto Appears In Court

Jun 24, 2009, 7:43 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Former Magistrate Mboto recently testified at the Industrial Tribunal Court in Kanifing. Ms. Mboto was granted the power of attorney by one Emmanuel Nkem Onwueg Buzia, who dragged Slok Air to the tribunal for failing to pay him salary arrears.

In her testimony, she told the court that she stood as attorney for the plaintiff. She explained that the plaintiff had sent her the power of attorney to represent him. She adduced that the plaintiff was an employee of the defendant.

According to her, the defendant had issued a letter of employment to the plaintiff. She further testified that the letter and power of attorney were with the plaintiff, whom she said, is in Nigeria.

She testified that the employment started on 15th April 2007, noting that the plaintiff took on the employment as per the letter. She added that, the plaintiff resigned when things were not conducive. She went on to say that the defendant acknowledged and approved the resignation of the plaintiff. She adduced that the Accounts Department of the defendant did not settle the outstanding arrears of the plaintiff.

Furthermore, she said before the plaintiff traveled out of the jurisdiction, they were making arrangement to settle all the outstanding balance, which they failed to do so. She stated that the plaintiff kept calling the defendant until he discovered that his colleagues who had sued the defendant have been paid, and that she was contacted by the plaintiff to assist him.

She explained that the Administration Manager failed to give her the arrears of the plaintiff when she went to her office. Accordingly, she said the Administrative Manager told her that she was traveling to Nigeria and upon her return she would pay. But, she said she failed to fulfil her promise.

Hearing continues.