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Former GNOC president Abu Dandeh-Njie reacts

Aug 30, 2010, 3:38 PM | Article By: Picture: Alhaji Abou Dandeh Njie

The former President of the Gambia National Olympic Committee, Alhaji Abu Dandeh-Njie has reacted to an interview this paper has with GNOC's Treasurer, Ousman Wadda on the significant surplus recorded by the new executive after one year in office. The story was carried in the Pointsport on Tuesday August 24th.

Below is the full text of the former President's reaction to the story, read on...

"I am compelled to write this rejoinder regrettably in response to the rather uncharacteristic, unsavoury and mis-found compare and contrast interview given by the Treasurer of the GNOC, in the Point Newspaper of August 24th 2010. This unprofessional comparison given in relation to the financial performances between the current administration and that of my administration demonstrates a complete lack of managerial skills and a total misunderstanding of the interpretation of financial statements. It is imperative to get the records straight for posterity as follows:

1. Audited Financial statements, according to International Convention, have to be reviewed by Executive Management and approved by the General Body before being made public. This is not yet been done, the GNOC wrote to member associations  on 28th July 2010, indicating that the overdue  General Assembly would  have to be deferred, because the GNOC accounts have not been finalised and  audited.

2. It makes reference to an accounting surplus of D1, 151,400 made by the current administration which naturally includes the cash balance of D1, 422,052 passed on by my administration to the new Bureau in June 2009, which represented six months of GNOC activities under my administration.

3. Having made the above point, it is futile to attempt to analyse and put in perspective the misguided interpretation being made by the Treasurer on basic financial accounting principles, relative to the balance sheet, income and expenditure statement and cash flow statements.

4. The implementation of a budget that has not been approved by the General Assembly is a clear violation of the GNOC Constitution.

5. The activities being undertaken in ensuring Gambia's participation in competitions are partially funded by the Commonwealth Games Federation and Olympic Solidarity. These funds are provided to all committees in preparation for the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games in October 2010.

In all modesty and humility, The Gambia's international image was transformed into the world stage, when Gambians obtained the accolade of being an IOC member in the person of Ms. Beatrice Allen, who was my 1st Vice-President and holds the same substantive position in the current administration.

In addition, Alhaji Abdoulie Touray who was the Secretary-General?s of The Gambia NOC and Dean of Secretary-Generals of Africa was re-elected unopposed as Vice-President of the Commonwealth Games Association.

I need not mention other distinguished recognitions and awards given to the GNOC under my tutelage, including the construction of the GNOC Head Office, the hosting of ANOCA General Assembly, as well as that of the Commonwealth Games Federation. These Assemblies accorded the unique opportunity for the world?s sporting personalities to appreciate graceful Gambia and the graciousness of Gambians. Suffice it to however mention that upon my graceful retirement as President of the GNOC, I draw inspiration and great satisfaction that the President of the Republic of the Gambia, HE Sheikh Professor, Dr. Alhai Yahya AJJ Jammeh conferred the coveted and meritious National Honour on my humble self, in recognition of my service and by extension that of the GNOC's distinguished service for sport development in The Gambia.

Needless to mention that various international merit awards conferred on my humble self over the years and indeed on my committee.

It is pathetic that the interview attempted to make a comparison between the former GNOC and the current, this is unnecessary and irrelevant, a fundamental management principal is continuity in administration. You do not need to make the past look bad, for you to look good. The facts speak for themselves and unfortunately your analysis of the facts are juxtaposed.

The rejoinder is provided for the sake of clarity and to put things in perspective. The GNOC legacy lives on, let us preserve it for posterity and not distort the evidence."

Alhaji Abu Dandeh-Njie
Former President