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Food for Thought

Sep 14, 2009, 7:25 AM

The saying; "One gives nothing so generously as advice." It is for this reason that we would like to suggest that the President of the Republic should let go some of the ministerial portfolios under his office and appoint other people to fill them.

Just imagine having the portfolios of Defence, Religious Affairs, Agriculture, Information, Communication and Information Technology, Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, and of recent Energy, under the Office of the President.

No matter how enterprising and energetic one might be, one cannot  do everything, hence the need for division of labour. Considering the sum total of portfolios under the Office of the President, we don't think that everything will work well as anticipated.

Specifically, the President was once quoted as saying that apathy and negligence were the reasons why he mostly gave the marching orders to many. But we would like to suggest further that defaulters should be warned at least three times before reaching the decision of terminating their services. 

Seriously, governance at any level is a demanding business. It requires integrity, energy and resourcefulness. Anyone who does not feel up to the job should have the good sense to refuse it, when it is offered to him or her.

We believe that there are competent and patriotic Gambians still alive, who can be appointed as replacement.

We understand the President's position, but we are suggesting that he appoint people to fill all these vacant ministerial positions.

The important Ministry of Trade and Industry also needs to be filled.