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Focus on Youth Development Fund

Jun 13, 2013, 12:09 PM

Over the years, I and many others have been calling for the creation of an effective and efficient youth development fund for the Gambian youth.

Well, thank God, the call has been yielded to by the authorities concerned. Last week, at the Coco Ocean Hotel, during his 48th birthday party, President Yahya Jammeh disclosed series of development initiatives to be undertaken by his government.

Among them was the Youth Development Fund! I was very pleased to hear that news for obvious reasons.

Young people in The Gambia are faced with many development challenges that impede their growth and overall wellbeing.

Key among them are unemployment and lack of access to soft loans.

But with the introduction of the Youth Development Fund, I believe these are the kinds of opportunities we (young people of The Gambia) have been yearning for.

I would, therefore, take this opportunity to first of all thank the President for his foresight in establishing such a brilliant initiative.

In the same vein, on behalf of the young people of The Gambia and on my own behalf, I would like to thank our Taiwanese brothers and sisters for supporting the fund.

I would like to stress that those who will be lucky to be given the responsibility of managing this important fund must not let the Gambian youth down.

The managing committee of this fund should be made up of competent and experienced people who will not divert the funds to something different from its actual purpose or use some it for personal agenda.

Also, to the prospective youth who may become beneficiaries of the fund, I trust that they would endeavour to put the funds into good use.

I know very well that 39 million dalasi cannot be enough to take care of all want we need as youth, but I am equally convinced that if properly unitized, the funds can serve as a catalyst for the economic emancipation of Gambian youth.