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Financial Management Course for cricketers to better manage clubs

Jun 30, 2010, 2:30 PM | Article By: Sainabou Kujabi

A handful of cricketers from clubs and officials yesterday went through a daylong financial management course, as part of the International Cricket Council Administrator Programme.

Presided over by the President of the Gambia Cricket Association and ICC Course Instructor for Africa, Johnny Gomez, the Cricket Administrator Programme (CAP) module has been designed to improve the practical skills of community cricket administrators in better managing finances of cricket clubs.

The development of capable and competent cricket administrators is a high priority in the global development of cricket, says Johnny Gomez, at the Olympic House.

He added that it is imperative that competent and capable administrators are engaged to drive forward the sustained growth of the game.

David Morgan, the President of the International Cricket Council, commenting on the CAP financial management programme said the course includes good financial management. He said no matter how big or small an organisation may be, it is essential that one adopts sensible financial policies and processes.

"This resource provides guidance to those that are responsible for managing the finances of a cricket club. With the global investment in our sports continuing to grow, I hope the delivery to this programme by our members will lead to stronger financial management of cricket clubs across the world," he added.