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FG sponsored tournament enters semi-finals

May 24, 2013, 1:25 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

KGH Sports U-15 will on Saturday 25th May 2012 clash with BAX FC in the first semi-final encounter of the Football Gambia, sponsored Noran Tournament. Sintet FC will lock horns with Head Start Achievers in the second semi-final to be played on Sunday 26th May 2013.

Sintet FC, a team from the Foni is the longest traveling team to play in this tournament and has been unbeaten since they started the tournament. BAX FC, who traveled from Fajikunda in KSMD and all other semi-final teams remain unbeaten.

KGH Sports, Sintet FC and Bax FC, all emerged from group A with KGH Sports Football Academy U-15, topping the group with 5 points with +2 goals, Sintet FC 5 points +1, while BAX FC emerged as best looser with 3 points with zero goal difference.

Head Start Achievers also emerged as winners from group C with 6 points and +4 goal difference. They defeated Sky power FC 4-3 on post-match penalties after 1-1 in regulation period.

The tournament head organiser hailed all the teams for the adoption of real sportsmanship spirit as the tournament is violence-free and said the pre-tournament seminar is really paying dividend. He finally thanked Lamin and surrounding villages for their huge turnout and also Sintet FC, who have to travel almost 45km to play their matches in a very peaceful atmosphere. Thanks to Football Gambia, UK based charitable organisation with the aim of helping to promote education through football and develop communities in The Gambia.

The charity is working with communities, football clubs, academies and schools to ensure children and youth attend school and live a healthy lifestyle. The charity has since its inception worked and sponsored lot of community works, throughout the length and breadth of the nation. The recent one is the sponsorship of a junior football tournament in Lamin, where the charity was born in March 2009.

The tournament, unlike any football competition has different rules and regulations governing the tournament. This tournament is geared towards training the youth to be proper role models in the near future. Before the tournament begins in March 2013, a seminar was organised to teach the youth on how to take proper care of themselves, maintain peace and tranquility within their respective communities.

The tournament has really gained momentum in Lamin and its satellite villages and has now reached the semi-final stage with very interesting fixtures to be played in the weekend.