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Father testifies in son’s trial

Apr 16, 2014, 10:11 AM | Article By: Malamin L.M. Conteh

One Hamidou Bah of Serrekunda recently testified in the case involving one Abdoulie Bah, before Magistrate Saikou Fatty of the Bundung Magistrates’ Court.

The witness told the court that he is a welder by profession, and the accused is his biological son, who called him to come and testify as his witness.

“What I witnessed is that there was a day when I was sitting in my house in my compound. I heard my dog barking, and when I opened my door, I saw one Nigerian man standing with my brother. I then asked the Nigerian what happened, and the Nigerian told me that his house was invaded by a thief who stole some of his items,” Mr Bah said.

He said the Nigerian told him the thief had run into his compound which was why he was in his compound.

“I asked him whether he caught the thief and he said no, but he was informed that the thief was in my compound,” he added.

“I then asked him to walk out of my compound,” he said.

Designated as defence witness two, Mr Bah told the court that the following day; one police man went to his compound and asked him about boy Njie.

“I told him there is no boy Njie in this compound, and the police went directly into the house of the accused person who is my son, and took their some items,” he stated.

“I asked the police ‘why you are taking this property because these are my properties’. The police told me that these are stolen properties,” he narrated.

He added that the police went to the station and came with the accused person, and the accused person’s body had wounds and he was on handcuff.

“I asked the accused who inflicted these wounds on him and he said he was tortured. I then asked Njie what happened and Njie said he would search my house,” DW2 stated.

“I told Njie you cannot search my house unless you produce a search warrant. They then took the accused to the police station with them,” he stated.

The case continues.