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Father shows concern for the disabled, as daughter joins Paralympics Committee

Jun 21, 2013, 1:22 PM | Article By: Adama K. Jallow

Sulayman Drammeh, whose daughter was born handicapped, recently expressed his concern for the disabled to have equal rights and consideration in the society and to be given the necessary support.

The daughter, Isatou Drammeh, who is a member of the Gambia Paralympics Committee, was born handicapped, says the father.

In his view, Drammeh told reporters his daughter was born disabled and is now using a wheelchair to aid her movement.

“I urge all parents of the disabled to support their children and give them equal respect and opportunities,” Mr Drammeh said. “I blame parents some times, because if you support your disabled child, he or she would not be on the street to beg. We need to give them home support,” he says.

Mr Drammeh added that all kids are from homes where they should be given the first assistance before reaching the outside world.

In expressing his concern, he outlined his daughter’s welfare needs, saying he had sought out treatments for his daughter from various places till at a point he had an advice from a Cuban national who told him it was natural, but he however keeps faith and takes care of his daughter.

The daughter, who currently attends junior school, used to be discriminated against during her primary schooling through isolation by her mates.

She however tried to excel in her academic work up to this stage, he says.

He further called for the disabled to be treated equally, outlining that life is a day-to-day process.

“Despite her being handicapped, my daughter never goes out for assistance, because I always give her the necessary support and attention she needs from me as a parent,” Mr Drammeh said, while urging parents and families to help their children.