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EX-Army Major cross-examined

Jul 11, 2012, 1:48 PM | Article By: Malamin L.M Conteh

Ex-Major Kuluteh Manneh, former military police commander, was yesterday cross-examined by the Director of Public Prosecutions, in the case involving him, former police chief Ensa Badjie and Lt. Col Mam Matarr Secka, at the Special Criminal Court in Banjul.

Testifying under cross-examination, Manneh said he knew one Awa Samateh and Nema Ceesay. Waste water from their compound was running into the compound of one Lt. Col Gomez, which caused a problem between Gomez and Awa Samateh.

Gomez lodged a complaint against Awa Samateh and Nema Ceesay, since Gomez was not residing in the military camp, but in Brusubi and shared the same fence with Awa Samateh.

“When the case came up, I did not refer them to the nearest police station, because I had the power to tackle any problem involving military officers and their families,” he said.

He added that the 2nd accused had instructed him to visit the scene, and when he visited the scene he reported back to him.

The witness adduced that he never went to Sillaba’s house, and had never collected the phone number of Awa Samateh, or given his number to Awa Samateh.

He said that he had never collected anything from Sillaba.

He also told the court that the passport he had tendered in the case was his personal passport, and denied having any official passport.

Sill testifying, Manneh said PW6, Edrisso Masade, was charged with giving false information to a public officer at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court, adding that the allegation made by Masade that he saw him in Sillaba’s house was a fabrication.

He said Masade wanted to escape from justice, and that was why he lied against them.

The case continues on 18 July 2012.