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Enforcing ban on use of phones while driving

Jan 8, 2013, 10:31 AM

The use of mobile phones while driving was banned in The Gambia, but it still persists.

Many drivers, including both commercial and private vehicle drivers are still in the habit of either receiving or making calls while driving their car.

Private vehicle drivers are the worst culprits!

The bad habit is not allowed by law, as it could be dangerous to the lives of both the driver and passengers.

We, therefore, urge the traffic police to ensure a full enforcement of the law by ensuring that drivers adhere to our motor traffic rules.

The police must be alert at all times, and watch out for drivers on their phones, and they must not hesitate to prosecute them speedily.

Adhering to traffic regulations, such as avoiding using a mobile phone while driving, would reduce the risk of accident in our roads.

More public sensitization on road safety, particularly use of mobile phones while driving, is urgently needed.

Drivers of all categories must cooperate with the police in their work, in this matter of national concern.

Many road accidents that do occur on our roads daily could be avoided, only if people change their attitude and obey traffic regulations.

It has been said that “the life you protect might be your own”, as such we urge all our drivers to take precautionary measures on our roads.

Passengers must also help the police, by reporting them, so as to ensure that the drivers of vehicles they board do not use their phones, and endanger their lives.

Once more, we are calling on the traffic police to be vigilant, and be fully prepared to enforce the traffic laws without compromise, for the safety of all road users.

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