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Electricity essential for growth

Mar 31, 2011, 1:15 PM

We received with joy the coming of a new generator for NAWEC under the Brikama power supply project in the West Coast Region.

Electricity is, no doubt, essential for the growth and development of any country. The constant supply of power encourages investors, and promotes the general well-being of people.

In this day and age people, especially those in the cities, cannot afford to live without electricity, except there is no option. This is because power has now become a necessity for life and growth.

We, therefore, salute NAWEC and government for boosting the capacity of power supply in the West Coast Region.

We hope when installed the new generator and the current ones will provide reliable power supply to people in this part of the country.

We also challenge the government to reconsider the recent electricity tariff increments pronounced by the Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA).

The issue here is that – yes - NAWEC needs money to sustain its running costs, but if people find it difficult to pay their bills the option they may take is to switch off the power supply.

This would help neither NAWEC nor the consumers and, as a result, make life difficult for people.

We are, therefore, calling on the government and PURA to convene another public forum to gauge the opinion of the people, and take their views into consideration.

Electricity, being a necessity, should be made accessible and affordable to all Gambians.

We urge the concerned authorities to take a good care of this and other NAWEC facilities.