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Egalitarian to release 15-track album

Jan 8, 2010, 10:44 AM

Momodou Lamin Bah, alias Egalitarian, has completed all preparations to release a fifteen-track album, entitled: 'Dohantou' literally "Work Around" is expected to hit the shelves of recording studios as soon as it's release.

In a chat with Entertainment recently, Egalitarian revealed that the album, an outcome of five years of toil, will soon be released, adding that it touches on a complex combination of issues such as contemporary society and would also serve as an invaluable source of education, information and entertainment.

He further revealed that the album, which also talks about peace and love, is as well motivating. Momodou Lamin Bah went on to explain that this album will no doubt contribute to national development, as he said, sales money would be used to help the orphans, notably the SOS Children in the country.  He said and including some of his lucky winners of the questions and answers in the album will assuredly have their fair shares.

He said that in the CD, there will be questions and answers where one needs to tick the right answers and send it to their office, and you are likely to win something.

As according to him, the first five thousand people to get the CD will stand the chance to win prices revealing that the winner will have a plot of land, while the second winner will attend Egalitarian concert internationally.

He said the third winner will have D10, 000, the fourth D7, 000, the fifth D5, 000, the sixth and seventh winners will have D3, 000 each and from 8 to10 each will have D1000 each.

The Manjai-based artist called on the general public to start booking from now, noting that when the album is out, it will be brought up to their doorsteps.

In conclusion, Egalitarian went on to thanked Global Properties for sponsoring the plot of land.

"We belief is all our responsibility no matter being an artist to contribute to the socio-economic benefit of The Gambian people," he concluded.

For more information, contact the following numbers; 6396852 or 6708175 or e-mail on egalitarianheadoffice@gmail.com.