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In A Murder Trial

Nov 6, 2009, 2:48 PM | Article By: Soury Camara

Defence Counsel Raises Doubt

The Defence Counsel, Assan Martin representing the accused Bakary Daffeh had raised doubts as to whether the accused does not possess some characteristic traits of insanity.

The accused Bakary Daffeh is alleged of killing her biological Sister Kumba Daffeh by hitting her with an iron bar while sleeping.

The demeanour and the state in which the accused portrayed himself during his testimony prompted the Defence Assan Matin to raise doubt as to whether the accused does not possess some characteristic traits of insanity.

The accused, in his testimony adduced that "after a continuous skirmish with my family, I started to have on and off mental illness that was treated by Doctor Musa Colley who advice me to inform my family about my state of mind, but none have attempted to help me."

However, the Presiding Judge, Justice Richards ruled that the court is with the belief that the accused is of sound mind and that he is not in court to narrate his mental illness but to make defence to the murder charge against him.

Continuing his testimony, the accused told the court that, he knew Kumba Daffeh but denied killing her. He admitted owning the iron bar allegedly used in hitting the deceased Kumba Daffeh.

He further explained that on that fateful day, he entered the deceased house but denied hitting her with the iron bar.

He added that while he was about to perform his prayers, he had footsteps hot on his heels shouting (Sachea Sachea) meaning thief repeatedly.

Still testifying under cross examination, the accused said that after the incident he went to Kanifing Municipal Council not to report the purported crime but to see one of his friends working there at KMC.

The case was set for address on 17th November 2009.