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Fashion Weekend Gambia returns with Glamour

Dec 4, 2014, 10:21 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

Fashion Weekend Gambia has returned with glamour as always and it is one event in The Gambia that is hardly forgotten because when all hopes seem lost on the revival of our African fabrics, Fashion Weekend Gambia is always around to bring it back in our midst mixing it with the modern flavour.

Fashion Weekend Gambia is headed by women of substance, patience and creativity that do not wait for men before they move their agenda forward.

However, there are men that promote the same agenda as they are always with them to the very end.

Fashion is beautiful, fashion is class, and fashion is life so why not enjoy it. Fashion Weekend Gambia is a chance for you and I to become familiar with the latest fashion trends in the fashion world.

The latest African fabrics and styles, the latest bags for ladies, the latest high heel shoes and the latest collections of pink and red lipsticks we are so crazy about.

It is December 5 and we all know that December is a month filled with feasts and events and that being the case stopping by at the opening night of Fashion Weekend Gambia is like coming face-to-face with the models and putting on the latest designs in the fashion world, working sexily and majestically on stage doing all sorts of catwalk and smiling at you beautifully and seductively. All these and more will be the best December experience for you or your loved ones.

Fashion is glamour and as such, it is never boring. There is no need to spend much on fashion because any wear you are comfortable in is fashion for you. Being natural is one beautiful side of fashion.

Fashion Weekend Gambia will also bring you the hottest DJs in town after the party so if you are going there, leave your high heel shoes at home and be friends with flat shoes because you will wine and dine till morning.

Your favorite artistes will also be there to grace the occasion; your sisters and brothers will be doing the catwalk for you. Homemade designers, as well as international designers, will be there; so make it a night with that special person.

A conglomerate of women within the field of fashion spearheads Fashion Weekend Gambia, where you will see artists, who wish to create a platform that aspires to bring young designers and other creative artists together to showcase creativity with the ambition to introduce a more vibrant and promising fashion industry.

Now in its second year, they are looking to host yet another weekend of fashion events in December.

As young women, they see the impact that fashion has had on globalization and shaping the trends of the future. Currently African brands are being infused with internationally renowned brands as Africa finally gets its slice of the fashion cake.

Fashion Week is a fashion industry event in many countries across the globe, which allows fashion designers to display their latest collections in runway shows and the media to take a look at the latest trends.

As Fashion Weekend Gambia rapidly becomes a household brand and name, they believe it is time to further spread the wings of Fashion by making the weekend an inspirational one for young Gambian women seeking entrepreneurship venture of which Fashion is fast becoming a pillar all over Africa.

This year being the third edition they will be showcasing brands at the very pinnacle of Gambian Haute Couture welcoming back graduates of past FWG events from the international callings, as well as introducing several new faces set for bright future in international fashions.

The runway will mainly feature formal wear, live music, and they will bring you an exclusive brand of children’s wear as a new avenue they are exploring.

Later the glitterati will be descending upon galaxy entertainment park, where the prominent DJ SO FLY at the helm will be hosting our stellar official after party and featuring a sneak preview of GEE’s new album Situations.

Fashion Weekend Gambia will then usher in its final event closing in customary style with the bold fusion of urban fashion and music that is “rep on the runway” on Saturday 6 December.

This year, apart from promoting a new host of designers, model, and musical artistes on our international stage, they will be sensitizing their audience on the dangers inherent to skin bleaching, and encouraging the Gambians to love the skin they are in, by embracing the wonderful diversity of natural African Beauty.

With each passing year, they are proudly observing the direct benefits of their programmes, seeing the good they can all do for their fellow Gambians.

With each passing year they are proud that more and more Gambian businesses are improving their fortunes thanks to their focus on promoting the efforts of their business partners, as well as those participants whose work they showcase.