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EFANet commemorates Global Action Week 2015

Jun 9, 2015, 9:38 AM

The Education for All Campaign Network, The Gambia (EFANet), in collaboration with other education stakeholders and partners, yesterday 8 June 2015 kick-started a 6-day celebration of Global Action Week 2015.

As part of the week-long event, various advocacy activities such as press releases, radio talk show and the major highlight event will be held.

The highlight event -‘Bantaba’ is scheduled to take place on 10 June 2015 at Brikama Ba, CRR.

The theme for this year’s celebration is the “Right to Education 2000-2030”-Vote for Education!

The theme highlights the need to intensify the campaign to ensure that the right to education for every child is respected, protected and fulfilled.

EFANet commemorates Global Action Week event by mobilizing participation to advocate and campaign for education through engaging with Government and other stakeholders in the field of education.

The Global Action Week (GAW) is commemorated every year as a key moment for action for education advocacy by the GCE movement.

The Action Week is to remind world leaders of the promises made in the Dakar framework for Action in the year 2000 to meet Education for All goals. Thus, EFANet in solidarity with the global community commemorates the GAW as part of its advocacy efforts on the campaign on Education for All.

GAW is one of the major focal points for the education movement. Created and led by the Global Campaign for Education, GAW provides everyone campaigning for the right to education with an opportunity to highlight the Education For All agenda and make targeted efforts to achieve change on the ground, with the added support of millions of members of the public worldwide joining together for the same cause.

In the year 2000, the world’s leaders made a series of promises intended to guarantee education for all by 2015. As we reach the deadline, while significant progress has been made, it is clear that these promises will not be met.

This year, the world leaders agreed on new frameworks on the Post-2015 Education framework at the recent World Education Forum held in May 2015,South Korea and will agree on the Sustainable Development Goals more broadly – that will help set the tone and the focus for government policy and action from now until 2030.

It is critical that civil society holds leaders accountable for the progress and failings of the last 15 years, demands that these promises of Education for All are honored in order to ensure that the “Right to Education” becomes a reality by 2030.

Furthermore, EFANet will carry out a survey of “case studies of children born in the year 2000” inEducational Regions across the country from the 3rdto 9thJune 2015 as part of the event activities.

The study will target Children in schools, in “Madrassas” as well as out-of-School children. The findings and the documentation of the “case studies” is meant to demonstrate the achievement of the Education for All agenda in The Gambia.