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Education is Key to Success

Aug 16, 2011, 1:55 PM

Education is very important for a country’s growth and development.

The educated elites of a nation contribute significantly towards the socio-economic development of a state.

They serve as a driving force for a country to achieve its development agenda.

One of the problems why most of the developing countries are failing in this sector is that governments lack the required resources to invest in the education sector.

Without the support of partners, it would be very difficult for them to invest heavily in the development of this key sector.

Despite these constraints our governments are confronting, there are people who still feel reluctant to send their children to school. Some of them mainly the uneducated feel that  getting their children to go through the Western education is a waste of time and resources.

Others prefer to get the girl child into early marriage, to sending her to school.

We have to understand that education is the wealth of any nation, but today there are still challenges with our education sector.

However, with all the problems, the trend is gradually changing in some of the developing countries.

The   level of education one has helps greatly that an individual to contribute his/her quota to national development.

Our governments are now building schools even in hard-to-reach areas, so that the people can have access to quality education. This is indeed a good move.

We have a big role to play as citizen to contribute towards the education of our children.

If we want development to take centre-stage in our countries, we should be ready to invest in education.

It is time for us to make good use of the opportunities accorded us by our governments to have quality education. So let us make hay while the sun shines.

In The Gambia, the ministries of Basic Education and Higher Education, through

the support of government, are doing everything possible in making sure that education reaches the door-steps of every Gambian.