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Ebunjan Theatre Troupe Returns in Grand -style with 'Dance of Katchikali'

May 2, 2008, 7:51 AM | Article By: By Momodou Justice Darboe and Njie Baldeh

The EbunjanTheatre Troupe returns in grand-style with culture, tradition, music and dance, melded in a performance that can only be called spectacular.

The Dance of Katchikali is a dance-drama that narrates the story of Bakau's Katchikali and how the sacred pool and its crocodiles came to existence. The story is made to go back to the beginning of time when the world was just a void, until the Divine Power created rocks, mountains, trees, and other geographical and physical features of the universe. Lastly, the Divine Power created Humans, both man and woman, to inhabit the earth. Before long, humans started devastating the environment, hacking away trees and all forms of foliage, an activity, which we all know, damages the environment and our delicate ecosystem. The end result was infuriating to the spirits that guarded the forests, not the least of whom was Katchikali, the great spirit after whom the area has been named. Katchikali hastily evicts humans from the surroundings and guardedly installed the Bojang family as custodians of the sacred pool. The Bojangs continue to take care of the pool and crocodiles to this very day.

The story is propelled by harmonious music and dance, reinforcing the central theme of the dance-drama which is the importance and need for harmony, peace, and protection of the environment for the greater good of creation including Man himself.

Ebunjan Theatre Troupe continues on their mission to promote art and culture of The Gambia.

It is, therefore, incumbent on Gambians in particular, to go all out in their hundreds to support the Ebunjan Troupe and the Gambia's own culture.

The production is at Alliance Franco Gambienne on

Kairaba Avenue
on Friday and Saturday 2nd and 3rd May. The entry visa is only D200 for adults, and D50 for children. We should not miss this music- dance extravaganza which has the promise to be The Gambia's artistic and cultural hit of the year.