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Ebola Update

Sep 29, 2014, 9:50 AM

The World Bank has pledged US$400 million to arrest Ebola in affected areas.

IMF has also pledged US$130 million for countries hit by the Ebola virus.

Cuba sends 461 doctors and nurses to the Ebola areas.

West Africa Ebola death toll has now risen to more than 3000, with 6,574 registered cases.

Medical experts said an Ebola vaccine may be ready by January 2015.

Zambia calls for concerted world efforts for the Ebola crisis to be eliminated.

Both the UN and AU have renewed their calls for the reopening of border closures, free movement of people and goods.

Health authorities advise people to minimise shake hands and to be washing hands very often.

Sierra Leone quarantines Port Loko, Bombali and Moyamba, in a bid to fight Ebola.

Two Guinean judges have died of the virus. Courts are in holidays and will resume work October 15.

Senegal has opened over the weekend a humanitarian corridor to Ebola-affected countries.

Ivory Coast has lifted flights ban on Ebola-affected countries and donated to them one million US dollars.

Gates Foundation has committed 50 million US dollars.