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Dedication and hard-work behind success, says Mendy

Mar 19, 2015, 10:55 AM | Article By: Alieu Bobb

Abdou Aziz Mendy, head of the sports department at Gambia Senior Secondary School, has said the success of his school during the recently-concluded -nter-schools athletics championship ‘is not my doing alone’ but also due to the efforts of Modou Njie, head coach and trainer of their athletics team.

He added that the secret behind his school’s success is down to the dedication and hard work of the athletes, with support from the school management and their fans.

The school motivated the athletes by telling them that athletics is an individual sport in which you cannot depend on someone else, and that one cannot cheat in athletics compared to other sports.

They also motivated the athletes by telling them that any merit won goes to them.

 “The school will be proud to see its athletes win, but at the end the athletes themselves are decorated.”

He described the competition as very successful, adding that they will resume training immediately after returning from the inter-schools, as all schools will be aiming to beat them next year.

It would not be difficult for them to win the title for three years in a row, he said.

The national organising committee disqualifying those found wanting was something fair and good for the competition, he went on.

Pa Bully Sanyang, physical education teacher at Latirkunda Sabiji Upper Basic School, said hard-work made them champions for the third year in a row.

His school came to the competition this year with a lot of injuries, he said, and commended his athletes for the outstanding performance during the various events.

They started training in October for the championship, he said, and as such they cannot be compared to other schools.

Despite their setbacks this year they were able to do well, he went on.

Their principal, school and fans are all proud of what they did, he continued, pointing out that the athletes definitely worked hard during the competition.

Ndulleh Jawo, physical education teacher at Essau Senior Secondary School, was delighted about the school’s performance this year; it was very tough for them last year, but they went back and discussed the way forward.

They will work harder for next year’s championship in order to replicate this year’s performance and probably even do better, he continued.

Sports is challenging, he added, and described their success as a great achievement for the school.