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Danish-backed association disburses D50,000 to Gambian women

Dec 15, 2015, 10:41 AM | Article By: Nyockeh and Yai Dibba

Girl-Friend to Girl-Friend Association, a Danish established association in Bundung, Sunday disbursed D50,000 to 10 small-scale businesswomen at Busumbala village in Kombo North.

Each of the beneficiaries received D5,000 as loan which is to be paid within six months with one per cent interest.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony in Busumbala, Sulayman Jammeh, Ward Councillor, said the loan is the third phase of a project being implemented, which was piloted in Bundung.

He said the loan is to help the less privileged women who are “actively involved in small-scale business”.

He said the loan scheme has been very successful in the sense that all those who benefited from the loan have paid the money within the stipulated timeframe.

The Lady Councillor Amie Jatta of Bundung hailed the Gambian leader for “creating the enabling environment” for investors to come and invest in The Gambia.

She also commended the Danish lady behind the initiative, Madam Louise Tobensen, who is said to be to very supportive of women of The Gambia.

The lady councillor said to be instrumental in the establishment of the women’s association in Bundung urged women to registered with Girl-Friend to Girl-Friend Association.

She said the association helps women in addressing their constraints in their small-scale businesses.

However, she said loans and other benefits are given to women or individuals who are registered with the association.

The councillor further urged the women to use the money for its intended purpose and be conscious of the time period for payment.

She hailed the women of Bundung through the Lady President of Girl-Friend to Girl-Friend Association for their cooperation and unity.

The founder of Girl-Friend to Girl-Friend Association, Louise Tobensen, a Danish national, said the purpose of establishing the association is to ensure that women who are involved in small-scale businesses have access to loan to improve their livelihood.

It is therefore encouraging to note that more and more women want to register with the association, she said.

The association started with 25 women in Bundung with the help of Lady Councillor Amie Jatta and the Ward Councillor of Bundung, Sulayman Jammeh.But it was initiated by Louise Tobensen.