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DA Schooling Fund Builds School

Jun 16, 2009, 7:57 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

DA Schooling Fund, a UK-based charitable organisation with its Gambian partner has recently built an Arabic School at Sara Alkali between Senegalese and Gambian border.

DA Schooling Fund, headed by Ebou Bah, a Gambian striving to improve the lives of the poor, in collaboration with Anielle, a British donor have completed a seven-block building at the border between Gambia and the Senegal for the study of the Arabic language.

Ebou Bah, commonly known as Doctor said, "The border town of Sara Alkali has not had a school and the children have been trekking eleven miles just to get to a school. Our organisation got a request letter from them and we saw the need for a school, which could serve the two communities of the Gambia and Senegal," he said.

According to Ebou Bah, Project Coordinator for the NGO, the project was co-sponsored by Annielle, a Briton who was also present at the ceremony.

Anielle expressed delight at the work and hoped that the school would be put to good use.

She also promised to bring bicycles for children's use.

Ebou Bah disclosed that the DA Schooling Fund would be responsible for paying teachers' salaries for a period of five months, and the rest to be paid out of children's tuition fees.

"There are further applications from Jalambang Village in Kombo Central and have given us a safe land to build a school for them, with several other letters. Our hope is to have a free education," he said. Ebou Bah is optimistic of the future and hoped that they will build a University some day.

Bah said their help is diversified, noting that they are into health and education. Mosquito nets, he said, are on their way for women. "The organistion recently sponsored an ex St. Augustine's student to UK and four more are expected for Australia. People should apply," he concluded.