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Consumer shop project for Galloya Community

Jan 26, 2011, 1:16 PM | Article By: Yai Dibba Jallow

Saamasang Federation and Child Fund The Gambia recently laid the foundation stone for the construction of a consumer shop for Galloya community in Kombo Central.

According to officials, the project will cost up to D75,000.

Speaking on the occasion, the federation’s manager Idrisa Cham said Saamasang and Child Fund The Gambia “are very much conscious of the welfare” of their sponsored children and their parents.

He said that as a child friendly organisation, Child Fund had realised that the children could not do development work alone without the support of their parents and the society.

According to Cham, Child Fund The Gambia, previously CCF, has long been operating in The Gambia but is however new to the people of Galloya.

“This is the first time Galloya community is benefiting from Child Fund The Gambia,” Mr Cham says, while encouraging the community to take good care of the new consumer shop when it is completed.

For his part, the VDC chairman, Paul Mendy, said the shop’s service would reduce the burden on the community of travelling to Brikama Lamin to shop, particularly for food-related items.

He said they could now use money saved from travelling expenses to spend on other essentials like their children’s education and family general welfare.

“This shop is our very own; we decide what merchandise to sell and participate in the pricing of those materials. This shop will not stock any items that we do not need,” he said.

Mr Gibbi Fatty of Saamasang also made similar sentiments as well as other speakers, such as the Alkali of Galloya, Modou Bah.