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Taiwan's boost to health sector essential

Apr 26, 2011, 3:52 PM

The generous offer by the Government of the Republic of Taiwan to partner with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in order to boost the country’s health sector is indeed commendable.

Last week, the island nation donated US$300,000 to the Gambia government as part of the annual medical grant of US$600,000 to the country.

The cordial relationship that exists between The Gambia and the Republic of China on Taiwan has, and will, continue to go from strength to strength, if the country’s invaluable support to The Gambia is anything to go by.

The Gambia has long been a strong ally of Taiwan, and continues to benefit from the generosity of the people of the Republic of Taiwan in many aspects, especially in health, education and agriculture.

Such gestures will further enhance the existing cordial relations between The Gambia and Taiwan.

This and other support will, no doubt, deepen and extend the two countries’ relations for the benefit and common growth of both.

As of now, we know The Gambia has been receiving support from various development partners key among them is the Republic of China on Taiwan, as well as technical assistance from other countries.

It is worth mentioning that, over the years, the relations between our two countries have significantly improved thanks to the basis of the relationship of mutual respect and understanding.

At this juncture, we must also stress that our relations with any country in the world should be based on mutual interests, trust and respect, no matter what.

Meanwhile, we would like to use this opportunity to commend and extend our appreciation to the Government and people of Taiwan for their incessant support to The Gambia.

Quality health service delivery is essential for the overall growth and development of any nation, which is one of the aspects the Government and people of Taiwan have continued to enhance for the Government and people of The Gambia!

It is a field that requires more resources, thus the need for strategic partnership to boost such a fundamental sector.