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Congrats Brikama United

Jul 20, 2011, 6:51 PM

We seize this opportunity to congratulate Brikama United  Football Club for winning the Gambia Football Association first division league 2010/2011 Season for the first time in the history of the club, since it was promoted to the first division three years ago.

This is a big development in the history of Gambian football unlike the previous years, when the GFA was mainly dominated by Banjul teams.

This time around having a regional team win the league is, indeed, a big achievement

It is because of the dedication of the players, team officials and the community behind them, that is why the team was able to win the national football league.

We call on the football authorities in the country to involve more regional teams, both in the first and second division leagues, as this would greatly make an impact in our football.

For the Gambia to make an impact in world football, we need to develop local coaches, and also develop the raw talent we have in the country.

The GFA should now focus on the local academies and try to raise their standards and that of the local coaches.

We know that the team has gone through very difficult huddles before coming up with this great achievement.

Now it is the turn of the Community to take full ownership of the team, and assist them both morally and financially, because they would be preparing for other international engagements in which they would be representing the country.

The fans club of Brikama United has a big task ahead of them.

Now that the team has won the league, they should embark on fund- raising programmes in order to meet the financial needs of the club, it should not be left to the officials of the team alone.

The team’s participation in our first division league should make it very competitive so as to attract the scouts to come to the country and search for players who may earn contracts with other clubs outside The Gambia.

We would also like to thank the Gambia Football Association for organizing a successful league season, and also welcome the newly promoted teams from the second division to first division.