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Confidence in the judiciary essential

Jul 29, 2011, 10:50 AM

We quite agree with the Hon. Edward Gomez, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, that in the administration of justice, judicial officers play a vital role in boosting the confidence of the people in the system.

Courts were created to ensure that justice prevails among the people, institutions and corporate bodies, etc.

In the event people, for one reason or the other, lose confidence in the judicial system, it is going to be a disaster for society.

The Judiciary, Minister Gomez explained, is the last hope of the common man -which is definitely true.

The rule of law implies at everyone is equal before the law irrespective of differences in social, intellectual, economic or religious standing in the community.

The Gambia today can boast of having some of the best jurists across the world serving the international community, be it at the ICC or Rwandan Tribunal.

We, therefore, urge that the momentum be maintained at all times, and our judicial officers continue to do their work without fear or favour, since they always took an oath to that effect.

The reason why governments give judges all their best necessities such as a car, decent accommodation, and good working environment etc. is to ensure that he or she is not tempted to take bribes and to be impartial at all times.

Also, the reason why cases are heard in open court is to ensure that the proceedings are fair and transparent, thus assuring litigants and accused persons of a fair trial.

When people have confidence in the Judiciary, this would obviously promote peace and stability in any nation.

We, therefore, welcome the training of our judicial officers aimed at equipping them for an effective service delivery.

We applaud the Continuing Judicial Education Institute of The Gambia (CJEI) for organizing such an important training session for our judges and magistrates.

Similarly, we encourage people to make the best use of the Alternate Dispute Resolution System by settling their cases out of the courts.

These is becoming popular and an effective mechanism, and should be embraced by all and sundry.

Justice for one; Justice for all!