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Computer Centre opens at Omar Drammeh Skills Centre

Dec 31, 2008, 5:14 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Some philanthropists from Denmark recently joined Susanne Petersens at EboTown to open a computer Lab sponsored by Susanne and her friends at a well-attended ceremony.

Mr. Barra, principal of the OmarDrammehSkillsCenter at EboTown, said, "All this would not have been possible without Susanne Petersen. She has a special interest in the school and sponsors about 56 students. Mr. Barra said the children have a lot of potential and he does not know what they will become. "We hope you will keep coming," he said.

Mr. Barra quoted Susanne, their benefactor, as saying, "The only way you can recipocrate is by working hard to help the children. Mr. Barra said he hopes "Susanne keeps coming."

"We are thankful to all those who provided 16 computers, and fixed the network, internet, air conditioning and our electricity by providing us with a metre that has solved our problem," he said. Talking about constraints, he drew their attention to their heavy rent and that they need consideration.

Susanne Petersen, leading 14 other potential donors, said in her address, "You have become part of my life and family. When I get letters for rent, I become disappointed. Young people should not sit and wait for their sponsors but to do something - be creative," she said. She said it is better to teach a man to fish than give him fish every day. "If you want me to continue this job, you have to help me," Susanne said. She urged them to put their hands together and work harder. "Remember it is not everybody that has this opportunity. The opportunity is out there to explore, don't wait." She said her friends see how the money is used they will go and find sponsors.

"They have great experiences," she said.

Susanne Petersen said the children need help, some of whom have never been to school. "If they do well, I will continue they will give me energy. I hope for a better Africa but I can't do it alone," she said.