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Christians add more meaning to Passion Sunday

Mar 31, 2010, 9:40 AM

Christians all over the world celebrated the triumphant entry into Jerusalem by Jesus and The Gambia did not stay behind this past Sunday to mark the Holy Week observed by Christians.

The celebration is a replay of what had taken place in the life of Jesus after his forty days and forty nights of temptation and fasting in the desert or wilderness. The road to Jerusalem was far so Jesus was quick to ask His Apostles to get him a colt, one that has never been used by anyone. The joy on the way to Jerusalem even when Jesus was hungry after his fasting rejuvenated Him. As a King, He rejoiced seeing women, children and men who gave their all to His entry into Jerusalem.

The Passion is a commemoration of what Christ went through and for Christians to be in line with their Master and Saviour. In like manner, Christians have been fasting as Jesus did and have abandoned a lot of vices to make way for a better life which they would probably abandon at the end of their fasting. Every Christian is supposed to abandon a certain thing in their life so as to meet up with the season of Lent. Others will give up on food and others will decide to be in between doing no more no less. While others decide to do more work and be of greater help to all they meet. This is not the end of it all since there are human relationships that man needs to work at. There are some who had made enemies would just decide to repair their broken relationships.

Christ's Passion then becomes a challenge, as Christians will take the walk Jesus did with palm branches to sing Hosanna in the Highest. The passion readings put everyone on his or her guard with attention as it is narrated.

It started here on Saturday evening for those who would not attend on Sunday morning. The Church was jammed packed as a simple procession was done in the Church's compound. This was graced by Bishop Emeritus, Michael Cleary CSSp. The crowd waved their hearts to God in recognition of Christ's suffering for them on His way to Jerusalem.

Other Churches like Saint Therese's Catholic Church extended their walk from the Gambia Pastoral Institute to their Church at West Field. The old and young walked past each other singing hosanna in the highest to the amazement of many by standers. The procession had always taken place from the St. Therese's Upper Basic School but this time it has extended to the GPI. Christians are now waiting for the Easter Triidum, which starts from Good Friday to Easter Day. (Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.)