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Evangel Word Mission celebrates with Pastor

Mar 31, 2010, 9:37 AM

The Evangel Word Mission of The Gambia celebrated with Pastor Chimezie Onyendindefu during a special service at their Church at New Jeshwang at Shanghai coupled with his birthday.

The young Pastor, Anyim Chimezie Onyendindefu in his speech said they are nine in their family and it was him alone God called to be pastor. He said Mark Obi their General Overseer, trusts him thus placing a challenge in his hand as an assistant pastor since 2008. As a result, his church members too trust him thus giving him the chance to celebrate his Thirty years birthday with them. ‘"Whatever you see today is as a result of my committed church members,’" he said.

Pastor Anyim further gave the history of his faith saying, in 1999, when I was a very young man, in August of that same year God spoke to me. Later a certain man after expressing my feeling of being too young, he said to me, "Do not be afraid, you shall grow," he said. At another date God spoke to me and said, "I will send you to another world," He said.

"I then entered a Theology School and I did not have 'Garry' to eat neither did I have anything to live on but the Lord was with me," he said. He further said that another friend spoke to him and said "Great men are not made by what they see but by what they pursue," he said.

Age, the pastor said his friend told him, is a number but time is what matters. "Today I am celebrating my 0 years of existence and 9 years as a pastor. He thanked Pastor Max Okoye, his tribe's men and the many pastors present to celebrate with him.

Pastor Joseph, the preacher of the day, after the Gospel reading of the story of the talents, analysed the story and blamed the very careless servant who did nothing with his own money given to him by his master. He urged people to be faithful to whatever they do because there will be a day of reckoning. The story, he said simply means, "No one can improve without improving," he said. The master he said was happy with the one who improved his own gift.

In illustrating his sermon, Pastor Joseph brought in a story and said, "a young man was serving his boss and that boss found things difficult." But God started blessing him eventually. The young man started stealing from gradually from him. His father did not say anything. When it was time to settle the young man, he asked his boss but his boss said, my young man, all the things you stole the houses you built and the shops you built out of me can settle you. The young man was angry but the man cursed him so that what he did to him someone else will do it to him. After a few months, his houses and vehicles perished either in fire or otherwise. He turned to zero.

He urged the members to do something about their church before their Overseer returns.