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Christ brings peace and joy

Dec 23, 2009, 1:27 PM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

The birth of Christ is synonymous to peace and joy on earth. Peace at the time of Jesus' birth has its root on mankind about 2009 years ago. The joy is shared and mankind learns from that peace and joy. Panorama tells more on the peace and joy, Christians received at Christ's coming.

The birth of Christ started with a mystery when the Virgin Mary was already betrothed to Joseph the carpenter. The Angel Gabriel looked for Mary and we see her humility and down to earth obedience as she answered God's message, "Be it done to me according to your words". There was no resistance on the side of Mary and Joseph for the birth of a King, a Messiah, a Prince of Peace and the saviour of the World. Jesus took the form of man but he had the nature of God and man, thus was the son of God whose birth was unique and has never been repeated in the world. Every other man has been born through the same usual process.

Christ came through a message from God and he manifested his link with God by working unending miracles. Christ is the only one on earth to raise a dead man up. Christ did not stop there, he raised a cripple from his mat, cured the sick, turned water to wine and worked beyond science by walking on the sea.

His birth triggered joy in the world but it was distorted by the influence of those who did not accepted Jesus as a King but merely thinking that he came to overthrow their King at the time. But they forgot that his kingship was not of this world, they missed the point.

Jesus' birth brought joy although King Herod had pretentiously asked the assistance of the three wise men to report to him after they find the new born King. The three wise men from the East were in no way ready to comply to his dubious demand. They went silently guided by the star until they saw the newly born King. They brought with them three very significant gifts of Gold, Marryh and Frankincense.

During that period of His birth, many longed to see Him. We also find out that John the Baptist had publicly preached about Christ's coming and urged repentance. The religious authorities who were to prove so hostile to Jesus. Among those who asked, "What must we do?" were the crowds, the tax collectors and the soldiers. The same crowds hung on the word of Jesus (19:48) while tax collectors used all to crowd round to hear Him (15:1) John's message did not demand improved sacrifice worship in the temple, but asked for a proper sharing of resources and an end to extortion and intimidation.

Today the world rejoices at his coming.

Christians become aware of the need for a total change of attitude in all spheres of life to live the life Christ promised - Peace and love.

May his joy continue to spread all over during this period of Christmas.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.