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Chosaan Academy to start operation soon

Apr 16, 2010, 5:06 PM

Preparations are in the final stage as Chosaan Academy prepares to start operation soon.

The academy which is situated in Bijilo will be offering high class courses in Media, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Language, Business Administration, IT, Catering, Music and Arts courses.

Speaking in an interview with Ms. Debbie Williams, General Manager of the Academy, she said the academy will be offering courses in line with the competitive fees that are being charged around the city area.

She added that the academy will be looking for sponsors, both within and outside of The Gambia, in order to offer these courses.

Ms. Williams furthered revealed that the academy will also focus on local arts and culture, traditional music, as well as organise events at the academy, where local artists will entertain and perform, based on real traditional culture of The Gambia.

She went on to say that the academy will encourage and involve in the arts and culture, to showcase local talents and also help flourish tourism in The Gambia.

Travel and Tourism will also be the key area, she said, adding that the academy will twin with Chosaan Restaurant in the area of catering.

According to Ms. Williams, the academy will also look for high quality educators.

The General Manager noted that her academy is going to be one of the best institutions, and will have the best teachers, who would be second to none.

The academy will also be having links with many European countries like  UK, Sweden and Norway, and will offer people the opportunity they would not have in The Gambia.

Lamin Sillah, the founder of the project, said he came up with the idea, as according to him, education is power, and also the key to success in life. This, he said, is the reason why he decided to come up with the initiative to contribute to national development.

"I think what I should be looking into in this country is education, after living so many years in Europe," he stated.

Lamin Sillah, who is also the Proprietor of Chosaan Restaurant in Senegambia  underscored the importance of the academy in the socio-economic development of the nation.

Lamin a Gambian keen in developing the skills of people had travelled extensively.