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Child kidnapping rumour ‘false and baseless’, police say

Nov 9, 2016, 10:08 AM

The Gambia Police Force has issued a statement condemning the rumour of child kidnapping in the country in recent days as “false and baseless”.

The statement also gave a stern warning, calling on those responsible to desist from such practice of spreading false rumours, saying that “those found wanting will be dealt with according to the law”.

“The Office of the Inspector General of Police has learnt with dismay that some members of the general public are disseminating false information about child kidnapping in the country. This false information is causing panic among the population,” the release said.

It further stated that the Office of the IGP would like to reassure the general public that “the rumour is false and baseless”, and those responsible just want to cause panic among the population.

It stated that the law will be applied accordingly on any one found creating such problems.

“Finally, the Office of the Inspector General of Police wishes to reiterate that members of the public reserve the right to report any suspicious or clandestine activity to the nearest police station for investigation, rather than spreading false rumour that may cause panic among the population.”