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Chief Justice warns Cadis

Feb 2, 2011, 12:02 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

The Chief Justice of The Gambia, Justice Emmanuel Agim, has warned that any cadi who fails to apply the new rules and regulations governing the cadis court system in the country would be sanctioned.

He said that recently procedures were laid for the dispensation of justice in the cadi court, which had been lacking since 1970.

Chief Justice Agim was speaking yesterday while presiding over the opening of a three-day training programme for cadis at the Paradise Suites Hotel in Kololi.

He noted that this was why the office of the Chief Justice has mapped out the training programme for the cadis, with a view to equip them with the prerequisite skills and knowledge about the new rules and regulations for the cadis court system.

Justice Agim said that there were times when experts were drawn from Morocco and other countries in the sub-region to preside over cases in the cadi court.

The Gambian judiciary has acquired the services of five cadis from Nigeria, who would train the Gambian cadis on the rules and regulations governing the cadi courts.

He pointed out that this training would prepare the cadis to execute their duties well, since it is a hands-on training course, adding that the experts conducting the training would avail them the opportunity to improve on their day-to-day court rulings.

Chief Justice Agim further stated that the training was specifically designed to improve the skills and knowledge of the cadis, and to better prepare them to apply the rules and regulations governing the cadis court.

He noted that, in the past, there have been lapses in the cadis court system. From now, every cadis court proceedings will be recorded and documented in the law reports of the country, which would be available to the public at the libraries, bookshops and the schools, he announced.

The Chief Justice advised cadis to do their job with utmost sincerity and perfection, when delivering their judgment.

Omar A. Cham, the chairman of the cadis, said the occasion marked another important day in the cadi court system, adding that the workshop will help them to better understand the rules and regulations of the cadi court system.

He noted that this would also help the lawyers, clients and the cadis in the dispensation of justice. He further noted that it would be difficult to achieve justice for all without the cadi courts, since the majority of Gambians are Muslims.

“Cadi courts are very important since they preside over marriage problems in  accordance with the Sharia,” he added.