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Carelessness could create danger!

Jun 22, 2012, 1:19 PM

The common carefree attitude of many people towards work, public infrastructure and so on must end sooner rather than later.

The careless way of doing things has caused this country to lose a lot, and people who are in the habit of such practices and perceptions must change for the common good.

Most of the time, the things people take for granted and not take seriously could cause danger, the effects of which could be severe.

It is well known that many people don’t show any sign of being careful when it comes to handling public properties.

Such people do believe that even when they waste public resources, the government will fix the problem or address it.

That kind of thing must be wiped out in our society, since the resources the government spends on public infrastructure belong to all Gambians.

For instance, the bulbs you leave switched on in your offices could cause  outbreak of fire if there is a short-circuit spark.

The fire extinguisher you failed to put in your car to help you quickly put out a fire outbreak could cost you the vehicle, in the event of a fire accident.

Careless reporting, careless driving and working carelessly could all result in danger.

Thus we see the need to be careful when dealing with issues, even at work since paying enough attention to what one does is very essential.

What we want to highlight here is that people have to exercise extra care, and avoid being careless since failing to take precautions could be dangerous.