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Caravan of Mercy boosts schools

May 20, 2011, 3:11 PM

As part of their contribution to the education sector, Caravan of Mercy, a charitable organization, on Tuesday 17th May 2011 gave a boost to three upper basic schools by donating cartons of books to their libraries, second-hand clothes and uniforms.

The beneficiaries are Jamisa, Kitty and Presentation of Mary basic cycle schools respectively.

Speaking at the colourful presentation ceremony held at the Regional Education Directorate in Brikama, the regional director Region 2, Babucarr Suwareh, on behalf of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education expressed his profound gratitude, declaring that the donated items will go a long way in boosting the libraries of the schools.
Mr. Suwareh pointed out that the government needs partners in the development of the education sector, and called on others to emulate the Caravan of Mercy.

"We need to join hands together if we want to achieve quality education. It is collective responsibility, and we need team work for our children to have quality education," added Suwareh.
According to Suwareh, the donated books will help the students to build what he described as the culture of reading.

"It is only through reading that one can have good grades in his/her subjects," he said, adding that libraries can be a good place for students to use for their education.
He said that quality education is the concern of the government, teachers and parents. "We need to support the education sector to achieve the set goals - Education for All for our children - for them to be productive citizens."
"The ministry is grateful for your donation. It is indeed a big gesture for the ministry, and we recognized your efforts," he said to the Caravan of Mercy representatives.
He further commended the charity organisation for the donation. "We commend your tremendous efforts towards the education sector. All these donations, Suwareh said, are geared toward complementing the efforts of the government in the education sector."
He further acknowledged the efforts of the Caravan of Mercy. "We are very much grateful to your charitable organization. This is the kind of organization we are calling for daily in our socio-economic development, as we are all partners, to complement each other's efforts." Suwareh added.
Regional Education director Suwareh assured the donors that the donated items will be put into good use, while calling on the school authorities to make good use of the donated materials.
In his remarks, Caravan of Mercy overseas coordinator, Pa Modou Sillah, gave a brief background of the organisation, announcing that the charity was established to complement the efforts of the government, and to contribute to national socio-economic development by giving a helping hand to the poor, needy, widows and orphans among other vulnerable peoples in the sub-region.
Sillah said the organisation gives its donation based on humanitarian grounds, adding that they have been giving donations to many communities in the country.
Caravan of Mercy has been giving assistance to many people in the country, and the organisation is doing all it can to build links between Presentation of Mary Basic Cycle in Brikama and Mount Saint Agnes Academy in United Kingdom.
Sillah, who is a mathematics teacher, thanked the government and Ministry of Education, and promised that the organisation will continue collaborating with the ministry.
Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, the principal of Presentation of Mary Basic Cycle, Pierre F. Gomez, thanked the Caravan of Mercy for the donation to the schools, adding that libraries provide an adequate environment for learning and research.
Mr. Gomez further noted that libraries provide a basic condition for lifelong learning, and that supporting libraries will improve the reading skills of the students, as they can use the library to make class work very interesting.
He assured Caravan of Mercy that the donated items will be put into good use, and that the school administrations will make sure that the students make best use of the books in the library.