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A Brief View of The African Complexity

Sep 2, 2015, 11:04 AM | Article By: Alagie JInkang L.LM, Msc

There are three most essential complexities that enfold and engulf everybody’s neck. Looking at the present migration crises, terms and meanings are far more confusing and dangerous than the modern weaponry used in Africa. Almost what is clear to everyone is the confusion in the modern age of migration. What is still unclear to more than the majority is why certain terms and meaning.

When an African runs he hardly ever end his journey peacefully nor does he usually even know any better destination outside his home. In fact nearly every honest African leaves in fear. It is either fear with himself or against his corrupt society. He is frustrated with himself because he failed in the first place to impact any meaningful change with his own conscience to construct himself and then to his society in the opposite side.

What many people under this sad and coy canopy do is to attempt outside prolification. Even though I bitterly continue to debate that there are no individual fiascos instead they are collective, however, I sometimes swallow my cough knowing that such beliefs never help improve the African conditions. An African first believe in communality and then individualism as a result of the capitalist atmosphere that enslave even the writer of this article. What I aim saying here, however, is that the exodus that the world’s richest and poorest continent is witnessing is not only as a result of her govermentality but as a result of her people reducing themselves to total subjects. An African is better imagine a subject first before anything. As an African I continue to fight against this deathly disease.We are subjects of religions,cultures,traditions, educations to name but the most predominant. This is the predicament-total subjectivity-in the unwillingness to learn new things that defines our lives.

An African believes more in collectivity without any rational calculation to his own cost and benefits. He is willing to follow more than blindly any such authority as in religion, political power, culture or gender without any better rationalization. This is why every African is directly infested with the failures of the other. This is not a campaign against any form of power or livelihood rather it is a moment to rethink why many things could not still go well. Why we are defined by things we control? Why we leave chasing nothing outside Africa? Why we easily subject ourselves to nothing?

Africans loosing confidence in their statehood is a sickness never without cure. African Spirituality fails to reconcile with modernization. It denies itself any habitation under the modernization process. I personally do not blame her enamies for much of the calamities we continue to survive instead I vehemently believe most of those misfortunes are internally induced.

Why do we want to buy cheep, eat cheep and sleep cheep? This statement is not capitalist. I am stressing the fact of hardwork towards self construction. Nearly every African is fed from birth to death dependently. You are either born to death in an extended family where your own contribution towards the survival of others is hardly recognizable or you choose to die a parasite. Where you succeed is never attributed to self achievement but your failure leads to nearly the icon failure of other members of the extended family system. Seeing life colourfu anywhere outside Africa is a symbol of hardwork and patience. Attributes lacking in present day Africa.

Where sleeping means enjoyment and workings means suffering, important pillars are mistakenly under serious conflict. A average rich African works nearly to underdevelop his neighbors in his daily affaires-an African mafia. They convinced their neighbors to sleep while they work in the dark against them. I do not believe Africans are lazy people in fact I believe very well the opposite. Africans are brave, strong, hardworking  and willing to follow. Many do not just know their potentials which are easily under-exploited or over exploited by self, friend or and enemy. At the age of 35, most Africans still dependent wholly where friendly. This is what I call collectivism for a retrogressive society.

My love for Africa grows but my love for her culture is under threat. I believe in positivism for development and will kick out collectivism of any sort that encourages towards retrogress. An African must learn to self independent first and then to collectivism only later.

Striving any African solution outside Africa is false.