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Buster’s family donates sports materials to Fajikunda

Dec 20, 2013, 9:53 AM

A UK-born boy Buster and his parents Christopher Sharpe and wife Michelle Sharpe, on Monday afternoon donated sporting materials to Future Stars FC of Fajikunda, a football club which have been in existence for years in Fajikunda.

The donation came through a resident of Fajikunda who was part of the team manager’s task to look at the welfare and uplift of the club.

Yahya Daffeh, a hotelier, was able to build relationship with the boy’s parents at the hotel he works and as a result secured the gesture for his community football team.

In presenting the materials to the club, Alieu Gassama said he was very much happy about the gesture, because the donated materials were among the club’s needs.

“As I am speaking the club has registered in two different competitions and we needed materials, especially jerseys and balls,” he added.

“Thank God today one of our dreams has come true with the help of Mr and Mrs Sharpe and with the generosity of their son Buster who has so much love for football and passion for the game of football.”

Thirteen-year old Buster Sharpe plays for Dean Valley Youth club, who are based in the city of Brighton, England.

According to Buster the materials were given to him by the club he plays for - Dean Valley Youth Football Club - through the coaches Greg Bradley and Richard, who contributed to the success of everything he is doing there today.

Buster thanked his parents, teammates and coaches, who, he said, could not witness the “good reception” they got from the Community of Fajikunda.

Buster encouraged the club to maintain discipline and work hard for its success. He also notes that behind every successful club are the characteristics of team work, focus and collectiveness during the 90 minutes of play on the pitch.

According to the Buster’s father, Christopher Sharpe, they aim to build a friendship between Blue Stars FC and Dean Valley Youth cub to see how both teams are performing in their locations and to also provide future donations such as boots, socks, shin guards, shorts and tops, and footballs.

He thanked the community for accepting the little token they gave to them.

Mr Sharpe appealed to the community and the officials of Future Stars in Fajikunda to re-name the club as Buster Stars of Fajikunda.

Michelle Sharpe, Buster’s mother, for her part, thanked the community for their welcoming reception and encouraged the players to take football seriously as “the future is bright” for them.

Speakers on the occasion included Amadou Daffeh, who assured the donors that the materials will be put into good use.