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Brikama, Sukuta, Gunjur Nawettan draw held

Jul 18, 2016, 1:01 PM | Article By: Lamin Darboe

The draw for 2016 Brikama, Sukuta and Gunjur nawettan was held recently, as the wet season biggest football fiesta is drawing closer across all major nawettan centres.

Thirty-two teams are set to contend for the 2016 Brikama Nawettan season and the groupings for the summer football gala are as follows:

Group A comprises Sky Power, Congi Bi, Amasa and Alfama.

Group B consists of AC Milan, Berewuleng, Yarambamba and Orlando Magic.

Group C is made of Chimo United, Scovill, Kabafita and G. Sarr.

Group D consists of Fortune, Misira, Soccer and Real De Busumbala.

Group E comprises Fabou, First Infantry, Ajax and Santo Su.

Group F is made up of Jaliba United, Greater Tomorrow, Dasilami and H/Border Line.

Group G consists of Puntalana, Jaspa, Nema Youths and Ecomong.

Group H is made up of Gidda Youths, Tali Bu Bess, Daru Youths and New Town.

In the Sukuta, the draw for the 2016 Sukuta reigning biggest football fiesta was held in Sukuta with twenty-four teams are set to compete for the annual football tournament.

The draw for the nawettan is as follows: group A Seaview, Sitaba United, Bahamas, Nigi, Rangers and Ross Marry.

Group B is Manchester, Brefet, Nema Youths, Jabang, Colon 500 and Nema City.

Group C has Dotokoto, Blaze, Brusubi Taka Food, Karaba United, Sando and Brusubi United.

Group D, O.C. Lavik, Monaco, J.D. United, Jah Guides, Puntalana and Solid Properties.

Meanwhile, the draw for the 2016 Green Vision International Real Estate Company Limited-sponsored Gunjur Nawettan was held yesterday at the Gunjur Day Care Centre.

Sixteen teams are set to compete in the 2016 Gunjur summer biggest football fray and the draw for the championship is as follows:

Group A consists of the league champions Dunes FC, Passamai FC, Sunderland FC and Ajax FC.

Group B comprises Kundembo FC, Jabang, Gam Rock and Lanuja FC.

Group C is made up of Red Star Family FC, Reliance Financial Services, FC Halifax Town and Smiling Coast Real Estate Company Limited FC.

Group D comprises Nyokoyorr FC, Farm Engineering FC, Black Star FC and Commit FC.