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Boy Sentenced for Escaping Custody

Nov 21, 2008, 4:12 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

Jarreh Jammeh a 20 year old boy of Brikama on Tuesday 18thNovember 2008 was convicted and sentenced at the Magistrates' court presided over by Magistrate Kayode for escaping unlawful custody contrary to section 108 of criminal code.

Before his conviction Magistrate Kayode told the court that in the beginning of the case the prosecutor brought two witness to testify before the court. They both testified that the accused person escaped from lawful custody which the accused didn't deny. He added that in his testimony the accused himself told the court that he had escaped from the custody, he said the accused also stated that when he was escaping was PW1 Saihu Joof, a police officer, who opened the door for him because he bribed PW1 D1,500, which PW1 denied.

Magistrate's Kayode further stated that the fact is that the accused has escaped from the custody and the imposed the accused bribing. PW1 will not satisfied the court because the accused himself pleaded guilty that he has escaped from the lawful custody therefore he was hereby convicted to a fine of D10, 000 in default to serve 3 months.