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‘Be careful not to elect dumb or selfish parliamentarians’

Mar 30, 2017, 11:26 AM | Article By: Madi S Njie

Aminata Corea, National Assembly candidate for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) for Latrikunda Sabiji constituency, has called on the electorate to be careful not to elect parliamentarians that will not talk in parliament.

She advised that people should ensure that they elect those who would serve and represent their interest, the interest of the constituency, not their individual interest.

“If we are not careful of those we elect into office, we will elect people that will be like the former parliamentarians, people that go to parliament for their interest.”

Corea promised to look into the challenges of her constituency such as the bad road, water problem, and poor health and market facilities.

“I have visited the vegetable gardens in Fajikunda to see for myself the problem of the gardeners.  I have listened to the problems of the women. I am also concerned about the problem of youth unemployment.  These are the issues, the problems I will stand to address if elected into office.

“The past National Assembly members slaughtered The Gambia by extending Yahya Jammeh’s term limit that enabled him overstay in power.  Instead of responding to the needs of Gambians to limit the president’s term, they extended his stay, leading to suffering of Gambians.”

The PPP candidate said many Gambians were killed; some disappeared, while others were forced to go into exile during the government of Yahya Jammeh and his APRC party.

Ms Corea said during the previous regime, things were hard; there were a lot of violations of people’s rights, and there was no freedom of speech.

She said:  “A lot of our youths died along the back-way to Europe in search of greener pastures, while running away from the suffering back home. There was no job opportunity.  Workers could not survive on their salaries with their families. 

“Our mothers used to go the market with inadequate income, and on top of that families were living in fear.  This is why we, as a coalition, came to fight against and ensure that democracy is in place.”

The young lady said it is not enough that the coalition had victory in the presidential election.  The new government needs parliamentarians to do the necessary amendments and repeal of the bad laws put in place by the Jammeh-government.

End to deceptive politics

In a related development, Sally Jeng, PPP candidate for Serekunda East constituency, said politics of deception has ended.

Speaking at a political rally organised by PPP Kanifing Municipal committee at Latrikunda German last Thursday, Ms Jeng promised to address the suffering of the people of his constituency by improving their living condition, health and environment, if elected on 6 April 2017.

She called on the electorate not to allow anyone to fool them, saying people should vote for those that would serve their interest.

“We the women have been suffering in the markets and at homes; prices of basic commodities are high, making life difficult,” the PPP candidate said.

“Our voices are our votes, and it is time for women to help women by voting for women candidates.”