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Fostering regional integration

Mar 30, 2017, 11:18 AM

The Gambia Transport Services Corporation (GTSC) has transformed itself from a moribund institution to a vibrant and results-oriented transport service entity.

It has also gone a notch higher from being a domestic service concern to an international transport service provider with confortable buses plying the Banjul-Conakry and Banjul-Bissau routes.

The buses, as stated by GTSC officials and confirmed by people who have used the services, are of high  quality, as they are confortable, fast, hassle-free and also maintain uninterrupted and a non-stop trip to their destinations.

It is very essential that we have such means of transportation in our sub-region. As rightly stated by the GTSC marketing manager, travelling by road across  the sub-region, such as  routes between  Banjul and other cities like Conakry  and Bissau, is a serious  nightmare, as passengers or travellers  would have to be  taken on board several connecting vehicles, going through so many troubles in their journey to their destinations.

Services like GTSC’s are also out to connect nations and bridging regional economic integration. This goes a long way to connecting nations and people and boosting national economies of member countries, as it facilitates and promote trade between and among nations.

The West African Monetary Institute (WAMI) has always highlighted the disappointing slow progress of trade among nations of West Africa, putting the trade percentage rate as low as 10% among countries in the region.

West African countries and, by extension, African countries are having more trade relations with European and Western nations than they are having among themselves.

Changing or improving this trend is a must if West Africa, and generally African citizens and their economies should begin to enjoy booming trade and sustainable economic growth and national development.

GTSC, therefore, needs full support from state authorities, as well as people of the neighbouring West African countries.

Keep up the progressive trend GTSC as you are on the track to connecting nations and fostering regional economic integration.


“Efficient transport service is a vehicle to economic growth”

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