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Banjul Sports Committee fines Late Ebou Sowe, Warriors

Aug 3, 2016, 11:22 AM | Article By: Picture: Ebou Faye is Secretary General of Banjul Sports Committee

The Banjul Sports Committee has fined Late Ebou Sowe FC and Warriors FC each D500 for celebrating on the perimeter fence after scoring their goals against Firehouse and Macdonald United respectively.

The fine, the committee said, must be paid before their next scheduled match.

In another development, the committee also suspended Alhagie Dodou Ndow registered as Assistant Coach of Warriors for 2 matches, for being sent off from the bench on Sunday, 31st July during their match against Macdonald United.

He should not enter the dressing room, nor stand behind the bench or fill the match form or enter the football field during and after the match, according to the committee.

The committee said it had observed that teams have started pouring substances on the pitch and praying at the goal post, “which is totally not accepted”.

The committee warned that with effect from Tuesday 26 July no team is allowed to: pray on the goal post and inside the penalty box; pour water on the entrance gate; break eggs inside the field; delay the restart of the match; report late for matches; climb/celebrate on the fence; and any other thing the Committee finds to be wrong.